Eventide H3000 Factory ESD

Eventide H3000 Factory ESD
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Product Description

The H3000 Factory Native for AAX, VST for PC, and AU is a re-creation of several algorithms from the venerable H3000 that combine pitch, delay, modulation, and filtering in a new modular interface. It features over 450 presets including over 100 new presets from Alessandro Cortini (Nine Inch Nails), Chris Carter (Throbbing Gristle), Colin Newman (Wire), Damian Taylor (Bjork), Dave Darlington (Bass Hit Studios), Kerry Leva (EDM Producer), Richard Devine (Sound Designer), and Scott Martin Gershin (Soundeluxe). It also includes over 100 original presets from the H3000. This plug-in offers unrivaled creative possibilities by virtue of a stunning combination of unique Harmonizer effects in a re-imagined UI that allows the user to patch together any combination of 18 effects, including the H3000 Function Generator with 19 waveshapes, in endless permutations. The resulting sounds, heretofore unavailable in plug-in form, must be heard to be believed.

*This plug-in is only compatible with iLOK2* Plug-in will be delivered electronically via email.

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